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    be downloaded for students to use in class.
  • The notes are incomplete and students will fill them in during my lectures.
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  • These notes will greatly help students with the unit tests that will be given so it is very important that students have them for class. ----

1st Quarter

Unit 1 - America Enters the World Stage

Unit 2 - The Progressive Movement

Unit 3 - The Great War

2nd Quarter

Unit 4 - America in the 1920s

Unit 5 - The Great Depression and New Deal

Unit 6 - World War II

3rd Quarter

Unit 7 - The Cold War

Unit 8 - America in the 50s and 60s

Unit 9 - The Civil Rights Movement

4th Quarter

Unit 10 - The Vietnam War

Unit 11 - America in the 70s + 80s

Unit 12 - America in the 90s to Present